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Give breath to children who suffer from respiratory disorders

Provide family photos and support pediatric pulmonology research

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Meet Kevin. He is 17 years old from Chicago, Illinois. He was admitted to Children's Hospital Los Angeles Division of Pediatric Pulmonology when he was 14 years old. For 3 years he had undergone several treatments to treat his respiratory tract. Because of the cost of his treatment, his mother could not afford to travel to Los Angeles or a phone to receive photos. Watching her son grow into a young adult was impossible. Kevin learned to play the guitar and write music. Unfortunately, Kevin's mother missed some of the most important years of his development.

Why This Project Matters

Children spend a significant amount of time in the hospital being treated for their illness. Children miss school, family gatherings, and time playing with friends. While the prospect of taking a family photo sounds exciting, mothers and fathers having to make the difficult decision to take a photo without their little guy or princess because the wheezing is too severe to discharge them from the hospital.

Even more disheartening is the inability to afford a family photo because the hospital bills and cost of outpatient care is too overwhelming.

How Much Does a Photo shoot Cost?

$10 Donation covers the cost of a frame for families to memorialize your generosity

$25 Donation covers toys and activities for patients participating in the event you made possible

$50 Donation covers the cost of editing software and digital touch-ups

$100 Donation pays for Make-Up Artists (MUAs) and Stylist to ensure families look their best

$500 Donation covers the cost for backdrops and props to make every photo unique for every family

Will you help bring some normalcy to the daily activities of children suffering from respiratory disease who otherwise would not be included in holiday family photos?

We all enjoy breathing, and the Breath Giving Portraits Project is bringing awareness to respiratory diseases that affect children like Kevin by ensuring they too can partake in family holiday photos despite being confined to the hospital.

Any residual donations go towards research related to respiratory diseases like asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, and congenital lung abnormalities.

More About the Breath Giving Portraits Project

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